Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blue Madonna

I wanted to try some fabric sculpting and face drawing. I usually only have a hint of a idea when I begin. The process of creating a piece sometimes evolves from one idea or technique I want to try. Blue Madonna began by painting a stretched canvas and stamping it with stars and moons using gold acrylic paint. The vintage trim around the edges was painted with acrylics and glued on to the canvas. The face was drawn and shaded with colored pencils. I padded it to make it stand out then it was hand tacked down to the patterned fabric. Tiny lace was sewn around the bodice and hair line. I did some hand quilting on the patterned fabric which I thought looked like stained glass. The blue fabric surrounding the face was hand sewn over some stiff netting to help form the shape I wanted. Then I applied fabric stiffener and let it dry. It was highlighted with gold acrylic paint. Gold cording was glued around the patterned piece.


yvonne said...

Oh yes, this piece is really great! Love it Lana!

lois said...

She is beautiful Lana
You continue to amaze me
I love your work !!!!

Deborah said...

OMGooness, how talented you are! **clapping of many hands** Hopped over from Yvonne's and so glad I did.

Lana's Threads and Musings said...

Thanks so much. I want to do more of this and learn to do more detailed fabric sculpting. So many projects!!!!Yikes!!