Friday, March 12, 2010

Fiber Art Workshop with Lisa Kerpoe

I recently attended a fiber art workshop at the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, Tx. with fiber artist, Lisa Kerpoe.The three day workshop included dyeing fabric using prochem dyes, single and double plate monoprinting, gelatin monoprinting and much more. Lisa taught us many techniques within all those methods. You can see her website and blog by clicking on her name on my blog lists. I have included some photos of the fabric I dyed, painted and monoprinted in the workshop. The top photo shows a double plate monoprint on black fabric with metallic paints. The one on the left was dyed then monoprinted. The lower photo is a group of small pieces that were dyed.

Painted Silk and Cotton Fabric

I love resale shops and thrift stores. I find the most interesting things there. Don't disregard the discarded or recycled treasures. I found some 100% silk shirts recently and had to give them a new home. I cut up the white one and painted the pieces using pebeo setacolor transparent paints(in the lower photo). I lightly sprayed the pieces with water and painted some with a foam brush and others with a bristle brush. I have to be careful when I put colors next to each other that they don't turn into mud. Yikes!! I used paint straight from the jar to get more vibrant colors. The marbled one was done with shaving cream marbleing. The upper photo shows some cottons that were done the same as the silk fabric. They may not show well in the photo but I was pleased with the results.

I Dream My Heart Has Wings

I wanted to try something different using papers and paints. I read a article somewhere about cutting a niche in a stretched canvas to add more depth so I decided to try it. I have never been a accomplished painter but since this piece will probably never get out of my work room I just did what was fun. A layer of gesso was applied to the canvas then painted with various paints then another layer of gesso was added. After it was dry I drew the face and painted the face details. Torn pieces of old music sheets and birds were applied using matte gel medium. I cut the niche out in the form of a X and folded the pieces back and glued them to the back. I used a very small picture frame to enclose the niche. I covered it with fabric, made the heart and wings of polymer clay, glued them to the small frame then glued the small frame to the back of the large canvas over the niche. Her hair is made from handmade paper that was stamped. Her dress area, leaves, flowers were tissue paper applied with matte gel medium. She isn't perfect but I have grown to like her. Now, what should I name her?