Monday, June 28, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon

I look at this piece and think, "How fun would that be?" Wouldn't it be great to hop on a big soaring bird and fly to the moon? I could dream about that. The background was made from handmade painted paper cloth. The picture uses commerical fabrics, hand dyed and rust dyed fabrics. Machine and hand stitched.

                   Below is a close up of a happy girl riding her mythical bird to the moon.

Flower Dreams

This 8x10 piece was a fun little project. I drew her face on cotton fabric. Then it was enhanced with watercolors and gel pens and machine quilted. I put it aside for a few days thinking it would be one of those pieces that would end up at the bottom of one of my bins, never to be seen again. While looking at other possibilities for making another piece I pulled it out again and she survived, mostly from frustration, but she made it.
Now that I have her put together I like her a lot. She has grown on me. The flowers and leaves are raw edge applique made from hand dyed fabrics on a commercial fabric.

Where Have All The Soldiers Gone?

This piece was made with handmade paper cloth, photo transfer on organza, acrylic and watercolor paints, gel pens, machine stitched. The red "drips" that simulate blood were made with acrylic paint.

I wanted to do a piece that expressed my feelings about the escalation of the war in Afghanistan. My heart goes out to the many families who have lost a loved one there.The title of this piece is from a line in the song, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone", by Peter, Paul and Mary.