Friday, March 12, 2010

Painted Silk and Cotton Fabric

I love resale shops and thrift stores. I find the most interesting things there. Don't disregard the discarded or recycled treasures. I found some 100% silk shirts recently and had to give them a new home. I cut up the white one and painted the pieces using pebeo setacolor transparent paints(in the lower photo). I lightly sprayed the pieces with water and painted some with a foam brush and others with a bristle brush. I have to be careful when I put colors next to each other that they don't turn into mud. Yikes!! I used paint straight from the jar to get more vibrant colors. The marbled one was done with shaving cream marbleing. The upper photo shows some cottons that were done the same as the silk fabric. They may not show well in the photo but I was pleased with the results.

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