Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Fabric Postcards

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Let's just say life has been busy. I made these fabric postcards which were a lot of fun and quick to do. Well, quicker than most things I do. Since my husband is a yoga instructor I thought I would make some Christmas fabric postcards with a yoga theme. I first made the templates and used those to cut out the shapes. I used fast2fuse to adhere the fronts and back then sewed around the edges with a zigzag stitch. The cards are 4x6 inches. You can write on the back with any pen and they can be mailed. They can also be given as a small gift. Again I say I am not a photographer so please keep that in mind when you view the cards. I believe you can click on the pictures to enlarge and they may come out brighter.

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yvonne said...

Great theme and love the Santa hat!