Monday, August 30, 2010

Redecorating From My Stash

I have been wanting to change some of the colors in my living room for some time. It was okay but I was getting tired of the dark colors, mostly browns, golds and greens. I wanted something brighter and decided to go with a blue/teal color with chocolate colored accents in a geometric pattern for these two pillows.

These pillow covers are simply made from cotton fabric in my stash. I decided to make covers for the existing pillows in case I wanted to return to the previous design someday. The old throw pillows fit into the envelope covers. I didn't have to find a place to store the former pillows and they remain available for the future.

I also bought ready made draperies in the blue/teal color and sewed a band of chocolate brown trim across the top to coordinate with the pillows.


Yvonne said...

Oh, how exciting! Love those color combinations. Can't wait to see the changes when I come visit you.

Katie said...

Really beautiful pillows..all of them. makes me want to redcorate too!

Lois said...

Lana ... your work is wonderful.... just like you !!